First Strata's Strategic Land Plan

Strategic land isn't a new phenomenon - being clever in your land purchases is as old as the hills, and other articles on this website have previously dealt with the reasons why land values are currently on the rise and are proving to be a safe long term investment.

Strategic land buyers First Strata recognise the value in strategic land acquisition and have widened their search recently through a sponsorship deal with UK Land Directory.

The Marketing Manager of UK Land Directory commented: "UK Land Directory is always on the lookout for genuine and innovative sponsors and is delighted to welcome land buyers, First Strata as a new high calibre supporter".

First Strata is a company specialising in buying strategic land throughout England. Its experienced team of land agents are supported by cash buyers waiting to buy strategic land.

Whilst waiting for long term latent value to be released, strategic land is generally let out to:

  • farmers for grazing and cereal production
  • horse owners looking for pony paddocks
  • allotment fanatics
  • other small scale amenity users.

First Strata are looking to buy strategic land close to existing settlements in the counties detailed below that fit the strategy detailed above.

Why would anyone sell their strategic land? Clearly the value is higher than agricultural use value because of "hope", but why not do the work yourself? It might be because:

  • You have a full time job
  • You have better things to do than talk to planners
  • You don't have the cash to pay the fees to make the necessary representations to get the relevant local plan changes
  • You want to have the money today as you might be dead in 10 years time or have sold your property on for someone else to benefit!

First Strata are looking to buy strategic land with long term residential development potential. They are currently looking to buy:

If you would like to release the hope value from your strategic land, give a reputable Land Agent like First Strata a call now! Alternatively, visit them at

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