Will Land be a better long-term investment than Shares?

A good mix of investments is generally seen as being a good idea. There are many different types of long-term investments, including Share ownership and Property / Land.

Whilst investing in Shares has recently produced losses and poor returns I am sure that in the long term they will be considered to be a good investment.

Investment Land

Pension Values Halve

The impact of volatile stock markets on workers looking to save for retirement was again thrown into sharp relief yesterday revealed that pensions linked to the value of the stock market had halved in value over the past three years.

The Times
July 19 2002

Many people believe that owning Land and Property have been good long-term investments – but nothing in this world is guaranteed.

The below article in a respected Property Journal indicates the present opinion of the Government Valuation Office:

Land Shortage steepens price Climb

There is "no end in sight" to the Land shortages that have driven prices up by almost a quarter in two areas of the country.

Latest Valuation Office Agency figures show that the bulk development Land prices have risen by 23.8% in London , 23.2% in the East of England and an average of 12% across England and Wales in the 12 months to April 2002.

The 4,000 - strong government executive agency, which values Land and buildings for tax purposes, forecasts that land prices will rise by 8 - 9% annually in the next two years .

Estates Gazette
18 May 2002

July 2002

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