Tips for Choosing a Land Agent

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Vantage Land offer land for sale for recreational or agricultural land use with investment and development potential. We provide a professional, personal service to help you buy land for sale in the UK that's right for you. For further information visit or if you would like us to locate land on your behalf call us now on 01727 701640.


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Buying a piece of land is a major purchase that can go wrong. I advise that you only buy from reputable companies and land agents.

Some Land Agents :

Discourage you from using a Solicitor

Your solicitor is an expert who protects your interests when buying the land from Land Agents. Otherwise how do you know that you are not buying a pig in a poke?

Discourage you for having a period to "cool off"

While your Solicitor is carrying out his necessary searches on the land (this usually takes one week to exchange) you always have the option of changing your mind.

To prevent the chance of you "cooling off" some companies encourage you not to use a Solicitor, so that they can ask for immediate full payment.

Forbid you from phoning the local planning officers

What are they afraid of?

I have yet to meet a planning officer who was optimistic about green field land gaining planning permission – but banning you from talking to them?

Guarantee to double your investment

All property investment is speculative so how can any true guarantees be given?

I have received no bad customer feed back from the companies listed in my directory.

Please inform me if you do not receive satisfactory service from any of the companies in the directory.

I will investigate your complaint and remove the company from the directory if necessary.

December 2003

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