An Exciting Investment ?

Buying land has recently caused a lot of debate in the media.

The housing crisis has become so acute in London and the South East that that something must give. Building on green field sites will never go down well with the general public (we are all NIMBY's at heart) but many people now see no alternative to developing green field sites.

Green Belt

Prescott plans big knockdown in the north

THE Government plans to demolish up to 880,000 homes in northern England and the Midlands because so many are being abandoned, mainly by people moving south.

The new policy was drawn up by John Prescott, the deputy prime minister and MP for Hull East — part of which will be included in the programme.

By contrast, Prescott will also announce four huge developments in the southeast to accommodate demand for new homes. One will involve three new road bridge or tunnel crossings of the River Thames.

There are also plans to permit construction of 350,000 homes on swathes of the green belt around Milton Keynes, Corby, Bedford and Luton, moving towards the creation of Britain's newest major conurbation, already dubbed the “South Midlands” by Prescott's staff.

A similar number of new homes would be built in the Cambridge-Stansted-London corridor.

The fourth project, at Ashford in Kent, would be more self-contained, driven by the Channel tunnel rail terminal and improved motorway links. An independent report being drafted for Prescott is expected to say the town could expand by up to 250,000 homes over the next 20 to 30 years.

Sunday Times
October 06, 2002

Whether you are buying Land (in England) to build a home, graze horses or simply looking for an intelligent investment, owning land can be rewarding. According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation: "Even if the governments target of building 60% of new homes on brownfield land were met, at least 84,000 homes would need to be built each year on undeveloped Greenfield sites"

The Sunday Times
August 18 2002

Green belt starts to buckle under pressure for homes

While the government professes to support the green-belt concept, in the past four years it has waved through 119 out of a total of 251 development proposals in green belts across England, eating up 1,300 hectares in the process.

The Times
January 27 2002

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October 2002

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