Isn't building on Green Belt Land unethical ?

The greenbelt is not a fixed structure but is fluid. Areas of Green Belt land are being built on whilst other areas of land are being added.

Since 1997 John Prescott has increased the Green Belt by 30,000 hectares, whilst still allowing development.

Land Use Change in England:

Residential Development to 2001

The number of dwellings built in the 1997 designated Green Belt increased from an average of just under 3,100 dwellings in 1993 –1996 to more than 4,300 in 1997 - 2000. This trend is somewhat understated since more dwellings have yet to be recorded for the most recent years.

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
May 2002

I believe that this trend to increase the amount of Green belt will continue, regardless of the amount of development allowed on green belt land.


The greenbelt came about in 1947 when the Town and Country Planning Act allowed local authorities to incorporate green belt proposals in their first development plans. The codification of Green Belt policy and it s extension to areas other than London came in 1955 with an historic circular inviting local planning authorities to consider the establishment of Green Belts.

The Green Belts approved through structure plans now cover approximately 1,650,000 hectares, about 13% of England.

May 2002

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