Tips for Purchasing Land

I strongly advise you to use your own independent solicitor when purchasing land. I make no exceptions to this advice. I am aware that some Land Agents advise their customers not to use a solicitor, often on the grounds of cost. Comments such as the below have been reported to me:

“Why spend £300 on a solicitor when the land only costs £3,000?”

“You do not use a solicitor when you buy a new £20,000 car – so why use a solicitor to purchase a £5,000 piece of land?”

Such comments are bogus and should be treated with contempt. I guarantee that no Land Agents listed in my Directory will give such advice. Good Land Agents insist that an independent solicitor represents your interests – as this ensures that both vendor and purchaser fully understand the agreement and that all aspects of the agreement are transparent.

To make your purchase easier and secure, you should consult with a solicitor when a purchasing land.

Independent advice

A solicitor is bound to advise a client in the client's best interests under Law Society regulations.


icitors deal with property matters on a daily basis. They will ask the right questions and look for the right answers, and guide you through the legal framework.


A solicitor will protect your interests' as they are one step removed from the transaction.

Greater security

A solicitor will check the deeds and the contract. They will also make enquiries with the local council (local search) for you. These documents where not designed to be understood by those who are not legally qualified in property sales. Your solicitor will make sure the plot you are buying is suitable and appropriate - this involves much more than reading the contract. They will also protect your investment by making sure that your ownership is fully registered at the Land Registry


We recommend that you use experts because we want you to fully understand the transaction. We are very satisfied with the products we offer and want to make sure that you are too.

We advise you always use a solicitor when purchasing land or other property.

November 2003

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