Self Build Guide - Why Self Build?

So why did approximately 25,000 people decide to self build last year? Well for some it's an investment, a way of achieving their dream at a cost far less than any major house builder can meet; cost savings can be as much as 30% depending on how much input from the individual self-builder and friends.

The average self-built home is a four bedroom, detached house, and although there are plenty of small starter homes and small retirement bungalows built by self-builders, there are just as many very large properties.

Invariably the budget for a self-built home could be used to buy a smaller average house that is immediately available on the market. However, individual self-builders do not see their situations in this light. Time after time one is told that "this is the only way I can afford to build", when the house that is being built will make the self-builder the best housed individual in his family.

The new home is an expression of an individual self-builder, and it will be built to the very highest standards to which they can aspire. Self build is a practical goal for those with both energy and enthusiasm to do more than just dream, it is quite simply that self build can actually be made to happen. Self-build homes are for the ever-increasing numbers of people whose aspirations rise above the typical stereotype of everyday life.

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September 2004

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