Salmon fishing buyers look to Axminster

More and more anglers are chasing after Britain's improving freshwater fish stocks - and nowhere is that more true than with the king of gamefish, the salmon. Prices are once again approaching their 1980s boom high. In those days, each salmon in the gamebook over a five-year average added £15,000 to the capital value of some Scottish estates.

In the last 15 years, prices dropped by two-thirds but they have regained that ground over the last five years. And fear of the effect of the Scottish Executive's Land Reform Act on Scottish estate prices has pushed savvy investors to look for salmon fishing south of the border in England.

That's one of the drivers for the extraordinary interest in Vantage Land's sale of land and fishing at Axminster in Devon. Vantage Land is offering a unique opportunity to buy around 77 acres of flat land for sale in separate lots on the banks of the River Axe, including fishing rights on two of the lots.

Anglers caught a number of salmon in 2005 on the River Axe, according to local flyfishing clubs, and it provides excellent trout fishing. Salmon populations in the Axe are showing signs of a sustained recovery from a position close to extinction, as a result of stocking by the Environment Agency in recent years.

A catch of just half a dozen fish will more than match the £79,800 asking price for the 8-acre lot 5 and the £35,000 asking price for the 11 -acre lot 9.

The land is located off the B3261 and Hunthay Lane immediately to the west of the town of Axminster and close to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is ideal for recreational and conservation purposes, including pony paddocks and dogwalking. The land is arranged in a single block and separated into 10 good-sized fields. It is being sold in 10 lots or as a whole for £507,050.

"We have seen a renewed interest in the last few years in all kinds of angling - but nowhere more so than in salmon," said Vantage Land.

The salmon population is slowly reviving. "With anglers buying out the netting rights all the way from the fish's feeding grounds off Greenland to its breeding grounds in UK rivers, catches are rising in England. The environmental revival of rivers, especially in the West Country, means salmon are being found in streams where no one has seen them for years.

"Where other kinds of fishing is sold by the yard of bank, salmon command prices per fish killed. This makes for a more 'honest' price for fish - but also means the current revival in the salmon populations' fortunes could provide buyers of this land with immediate capital improvement. The more fish they catch, the more their investment is worth."

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Notes for editors

Vantage Land was started in 2003 as a specialist land buyer and seller, working closely with landowners throughout the UK.

It has a portfolio of land for sale all over England.

Vantage Land provides a proactive, professional service that puts the needs of the customer first. It is dedicated to providing the best possible results. Meeting its customer's needs is at the core of its business culture.

Vantage Land is located in modern purpose designed offices in Hertfordshire. Visitors are welcome.

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